A large percentage of the Employer Certifications issued by Job Service North Dakota are for this target group. Of the 53 counties in North Dakota, all but 9 have been designated by the federal government as being part of this target group. Because of the popularity of this target group, Job Service places a special emphasis on providing employers with the knowledge they need so they can determine up front whether or not their new hire is eligible for this target group. If the employer can make that determination, they can then send Job Service the necessary documentation that verifies age and residence along with the 8850 and 9061 forms – and this allows Job Service a quicker turnaround time in issuing an Employer Certification to the employer.

The two requirements that an employer can easily verify from forms 8850 and 9061 for this target group are:

  • The new hire is age 18-39 on the hire date

  • The new hire’s residence as listed on Form 8850 is in one of the following counties in North Dakota (the new hire must reside here on their start date of employment):

    Adams, Barnes, Benson, Billings, Bottineau, Burke, Cavalier, Dickey, Divide, Dunn, Eddy, Emmons, Foster, Golden Valley, Grant, Griggs, Hettinger, Kidder, LaMoure, Logan, McHenry, McIntosh, McKenzie, McLean, Mercer, Mountrail, Nelson, Oliver, Pembina, Pierce, Ramsey, Ransom, Renville, Sargent, Sheridan, Slope, Stark, Steele, Stutsman, Towner, Traill, Walsh, Wells, Williams. Print the Designated Community Resident – Rural Renewal Counties Map and use it as a resource to easily identify those counties that are part of this target group. Also, use the North Dakota City/County Listing to quickly determine if the new hire’s city of residence as listed on Form 8850 is within one of the Rural Renewal Counties that are part of this target group.

    If both the age and residence criteria are met, the employer is to submit documents from the chart below that verify the new hire’s age and residence. These documents are to be submitted with forms 8850 and 9061, if possible. The address on the document submitted to verify residence must match the address the new hire listed on Form 8850. EXCEPTION: A seasonal or temporary worker often lists their out-of-state address on Form 8850 and on their W-4. Please see the chart below to view the documents an employer can submit to verify residence in North Dakota for the seasonal or temporary new hire.
Documents that can be submitted to verify age:
  • birth certificate
  • driver's license (please enlarge the photocopy)
  • driver’s record abstract (JSND added)
  • federal/state/local government I.D.
  • hospital record of birth
  • school I.D. card/school records
  • work permit


NOTE: An out-of-state driver’s license is acceptable for verifying age.

Documents that can be submitted to verify residence:
  • computer printout from other government agency
  • driver's license (please enlarge the photocopy)
  • food stamp award letter
  • housing authority verification
  • landlord's statement
  • lease document
  • letter from city/county official on their letterhead (JSND added)
  • letter from social service agency or school
  • library card
  • Medicaid/Medicare card
  • postmarked envelope addressed to applicant (this can be any piece of mail the new hire received)
  • property tax record
  • public assistance records
  • rent receipt
  • school I.D. card
  • Selective Service registration card
  • utility bill
  • voter registration card
  • W-4
  • for new hires who will perform seasonal work or who will reside in North Dakota on a temporary basis, these items may be submitted:
  • a hotel receipt that shows the name of the new hire, the address of the hotel, and the date the employee began living there;
  • when an employer provides housing for the new hire: 1) the employer may submit a signed and dated letter that verifies the address of the worker and it must state that he or she was living there on the date they started work for the employer; or 2) the employer may submit a lease document that the new hire signed that shows the address of the apartment/house/dwelling in which the new hire is living and the date of the lease document must verify that the new hire was living there on the date he or she started work for the employer.


Per the U.S. Department of Labor, Form I-9 cannot be used to verify age and residence.