Register for Unemployment Insurance Tax Note: Upon clicking the hyperlink, you will be directed to the State of North Dakota Login page where you will need to enter your User ID and Password or Create Account. Registration form is due from all employers within 20 days of first hiring workers. Once complete, you will be taken to the UI EASY Main Menu to "Register for Unemployment Insurance Tax".

Statement to Correct Employers Contribution and Wage Report SFN 41270
For use in correcting mistakes or omissions on prior quarters' reports.

Business Termination/Inactivation Notice SFN 51704
Use this form to tell us if you are no longer in business or if you are but are no longer hiring workers and want to temporarily stop filing quarterly reports.

Application to Exempt Corporate Officers or Limited Liability Company Managers from Unemployment Insurance Coverage SFN 18411
This form is used to apply for exemption of certain corporate officers or limited liability company managers from insurance under the unemployment program. Please check the information on the form to determine the due dates.

Worker Relationship Questionnaire SFN 50724
Completion and submittal of this form will provide us with information necessary to determine whether a worker is an employee and must be covered under the unemployment insurance program.

Poster - Unemployment Compensation Benefits Poster
Sample of poster required to be posted by all employers who are required to cover their workers under the unemployment insurance law.

Construction Project Registration SFN 52990

Authorization to Disclose Information, Designation of Address of Record and Revocation SFN 59128