After my Claim is Filed


You will receive a Monetary Determination by mail.

A Monetary Determination is a letter that lists the employers you worked for and the wages reported by these employers during the base period of your claim. It also shows the Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA) available on your claim, and your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA). Please review your wages carefully. If you think they are wrong, fill out the appeal form enclosed with the Monetary Determination so an investigation of your wage credits can be made.

Once filed, a 52 week benefit year is established. You cannot file another new claim in North Dakota until that year is over. Your benefits, however, may not last the entire year. Unemployment insurance generally allows for 12 to 26 weeks of benefits.

Unemployment Insurance Claimant Guide

The Unemployment Insurance Claimant Guide contains important information about your responsibilities as a claimant and what you are required to do in order to receive benefit payments. The Unemployment Insurance Claimant Guide is available on under Resources for Individuals - Claimants.

What would prevent me from receiving benefit payments?

In order to be eligible to receive benefit payments Job Service must find that the reason(s) you are no longer working are not disqualifying and that you meet all other eligibility requirements of the unemployment insurance program. Examples of other eligibility requirements include:

  • You are able and available to accept work
  • You are actively seeking work
  • You have an active resume on file with Job Service
  • You have completed all re-employment related activities as directed by Job Service
If we have questions about your eligibility for benefits:
  • Your ability to receive benefit payments will be stopped
  • We will either send you a letter requesting information or conduct a telephone interview to obtain the necessary information to make a decision
  • You must continue to certify each week you wish to receive benefit payments until a decision on the issue is made
  • We will send you a written decision about your eligibility for benefits
  • If you disagree with the determination it may be appealed. How to appeal a determination can be found in the Guide to Unemployment Insurance Appeals