Respond to Claims


When an unemployed worker files a claim for benefits, the qualifying claimant's most recent employer and all employers who paid wages on which the claim is based (base period employer), are notified that a claim has been filed. If the claimant has been separated from your employment for any reason other than lack of work, return the notice with full details about the separation to protect your appeal rights.

If you are the claimant's most recent employer, you will be notified whether or not the reasons for separation from your employment are disqualifying. If you are the claimant's base period employer, you will be notified whether or not your account will be charged for the benefits paid to former employees. If any benefits are charged to your account for any calendar quarter, you will receive a notice detailing those charges.

Requests for Verification of Claimant Wages

Due to issues related to the nationwide pandemic, quarterly requests for Verification of Claimant Wages were suspended. Your office may start receiving these requests in the near future. Due to the requests being related to each Employer’s Contribution and Wage Report your office has filed, you may receive more than one request per employee at different times.  Please complete all requests and return them as directed, as this helps JSND ensure the employees collecting unemployment benefits are being paid benefits correctly and that your employer liability is not adversely affected.  Thank you for your cooperation.