Job Service North Dakota (JSND) offers a secure process where you may upload a file in the ICESA format. The data is encrypted as it goes across the Web using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

If you do not have the capability to create a file in the ICESA format, we encourage you to use JSND’s online system, UI EASY (Unemployment Insurance Employer Account System) where you may file your quarterly Contribution and Wage Reports using the import feature or by entering the wages manually. UI EASY also allows you to view and update your account information as well as make an electronic payment.

Electronic filing by Secure FTP requires creating an ASCII text file in the ICESA format. For specifications please read the PDF Document Electronic Reporting Guide. To report electronically utilizing Secure FTP, you must have a State of North Dakota Login ID.

What is a State of North Dakota Login ID?

If you already have a State of North Dakota Login ID, you may click on the "State of North Dakota Login ID" link below to log in and access the Secure FTP. Click here to obtain a State of North Dakota Login ID (Click on the "Register Now" link to create a User ID and password. Please keep this information in a safe place.)

Options for payment are:

ACH debit and Credit Card payments can be made through UI EASY. To avoid interest charges, payment must be submitted by the due date of the quarterly report for which the payment is intended. If there is an outstanding balance on the account, any payment submitted will be applied to the oldest year/quarter first. Payment may also be made by ACH Credit.

Contact Information:

For questions or assistance, please contact the Unemployment Insurance division at Job Service North Dakota.