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How to Be an Effective and Successful Manager

What makes an effective manager? Devika Arora wrote an article for Undercover Recruiter that outlines eight things managers can do to get their work done and get it done more effectively.

Decisions. Decisions. Help Your Student Plan for Life After High School

Do you have a child who’s wondering what to do after high school? Many juniors and seniors are likely asking some of the same questions:  Should I go to college? Learn a trade?

Don't Underestimate the Power of Feedback

As a manager, one of the most important things you do is give feedback.

10 Smart Things Job Seekers Do

What separates the smart job seeker from others looking for employment?

How to Calm Interview Jitters

It's common to be nervous before, during, and perhaps even after an interview.

Is Your Resume Effective?

If your resume has been circulating in the job market for more than a month and you haven't gotten requests for job interviews, the problem could be your resume.

Protect Your Image at Work

When it comes to how you're judged at work, you might think that the quality of your work is all that matters.

Can Your Social Media Reputation Hurt Your Job Prospects?

Are you looking for a job? Do you use social media? It's a good idea to take your social presence seriously.

Beware of Fraudulent Employment Schemes

Fraudulent employment schemes continue to circulate via email.

Hire a Veteran

Veterans are well-trained, highly-skilled professionals who can strengthen any organization, increase diversity, and improve your bottom line.


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