Who we are

Job Service North Dakota has its roots in the Social Security Act of 1935, when Congress established unemployment insurance as part of an employment security system designed to provide an economic safety net during the height of the Depression.

Since then, Job Service North Dakota has broadened its mission to involve all areas of workforce development including individuals, businesses and community leaders.


Job Service North Dakota provides customer-focused services to meet the current and emerging workforce needs of the state.


Job Service North Dakota strengthens the economy of North Dakota as a strategic partner in the delivery of workforce services.


Synergy: Job Service employees and work units collaborate across organizational boundaries to achieve results greater than those possible through individual efforts.

Empowerment: Empowerment is the authority and accountability to achieve results at the customer level. Within clearly communicated parameters, Job Service employees are empowered and encouraged to use their talents, skills and initiative to creatively and responsibly meet our customers' needs.

Respect: Respect is the individual and collective treatment of others that honors their abilities and contributions. Respect is founded in integrity, and generates trust and sensitivity to the needs, opinions and feelings of all those with whom we interact.

Vision: We continually reach beyond our paradigms for the best solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We welcome the challenge of the future.

Initiative: Initiative is valued, expected and rewarded. Staff will be encouraged to develop the skills required to be solution providers.

Communication: Communication is the unrestricted exchange of information that leads to understanding and a collective pursuit of all goals and objectives.

Excellence: Excellence is the continuous pursuit of customer-driven quality and improvement by highly competent and skilled employees.