Unemployment Insurance "How To" Videos

Registration/Applying for an Unemployment Insurance Account

SFN41216 - Report to Determine Liability (PDF: 4 pages / 991 KB)
Registration form, due from all employers within 20 days of first hiring workers.

Unemployment Insurance (UI) Information

Employer Handbook (PDF: 61 pages / 962 KB)
Job Service North Dakota [JSND] publishes this handbook to help employers comply with the North Dakota Unemployment Compensation Law and to promote understanding of both the UI Tax and UI Benefits programs.

Employer's Guide - (abridged purpose, who must pay, employment included/excluded)

Unemployment Insurance Law

Reporting and Paying Your Taxes:

Frequently asked questions about:

Tax Rate Schedules:

Unemployment Insurance Appeals

Glossary of terms

Unemployment Insurance Field Staff

Job Service Locations

State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

For more information about SIDES

Other Business Resources and Related Links:

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New Hire Reporting

Child Support Program: Employer Information

State and Local Taxes--An Overview and Comparative Guide (ND Tax Dept)

Unemployment Insurance Data Book

Weekly Unemployment Insurance Claims Activity