Unemployment Insurance "How To" Videos

Registration/Applying for an Unemployment Insurance Account

SFN41216 - Report to Determine Liability (PDF: 4 pages / 991 KB)
Registration form, due from all employers within 20 days of first hiring workers.

Unemployment Insurance (UI) Information

Employer Handbook (PDF: 61 pages / 962 KB)
Job Service North Dakota [JSND] publishes this handbook to help employers comply with the North Dakota Unemployment Compensation Law and to promote understanding of both the UI Tax and UI Benefits programs.

Employer's Guide - (abridged purpose, who must pay, employment included/excluded)

Unemployment Insurance Law

Reporting and Paying Your Taxes:

Frequently asked questions about:

Tax Rate Schedules:


InfoLink - A quarterly newsletter regarding the unemployment insurance program in North Dakota and its impact on employers

Unemployment Insurance Appeals

Glossary of terms

Unemployment Insurance Field Staff

Job Service Locations

State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

For more information about SIDES

Other Business Resources and Related Links:

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State and Local Taxes--An Overview and Comparative Guide (ND Tax Dept)

Unemployment Insurance Data Book

Weekly Unemployment Insurance Claims Activity