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Let Job Service North Dakota guide you in your job search. These resources will help you discover what jobs fit your skill set and what education and training may help you advance your career.

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On-site Options

Job Service North Dakota offices have the resources you need to research, find and apply for a job. Visit any Job Service North Dakota office to access: is an online career information system that helps individuals build personalized education and career plans.

Ability Profiler is a computerized aptitude assessment.  It provides individuals with a detailed understanding of their abilities and guides them to occupations that match their abilities.


Employers often ask for test results as part of the application process.  All Job Service North Dakota offices offer the proficiency or software tests required by employers.

If you want to brush up on your knowledge before testing, ‘Online Resources for Skill Development’ found on in the Documents section will help you locate self-tutorial sites.

Contact your local Job Service North Dakota office if you have questions about the testing process or to make an appointment.

NOTE:  Effective 1/1/14, Job Service has a new testing service.  Tests taken prior to 1/1/14 are no longer valid.