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Land a job with Job Service North Dakota's advanced search tool. Create a profile, build your resume and submit applications online.


Receive priority of service at Job Service North Dakota. Our Veterans’ Employment Team provides individualized employment services and training to veterans and their eligible spouses.

Oilfield Jobs

Learn about opportunities in North Dakota's energy industry, and view a current listing of oilfield positions available in exploration and production.


Dislocated workers, welfare recipients and low income persons are eligible for training assistance through The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.


Combine paid on-the-job training with related technical instruction in a highly skilled occupation. Find opportunities and explore the benefits of Registered Apprenticeships in North Dakota.

FirstLink 2-1-1

FirstLink 2-1-1 Database of Community Resources


Unemployed low income persons age 55 or older with poor employment prospects can participate in The Senior Community Service Employment Program for annual physicals, counseling and job training.

Application for Assistance

The N.D. Department of Human Services has a variety of assistance programs to help qualified North Dakotans meet their basic needs.  These programs help many low-income families who are working toward self-sufficiency.

Workforce Councils

North Dakota has one mandated statewide workforce innovation and opportunity board known as the Workforce Development Council. This Council is provided for through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 and is a partner of private sector employers and the state workforce system. The Council has its own charter and organization and has a central role to address underemployment, skills gaps, and economic change in North Dakota through workforce innovation and opportunity activities.