How do I receive benefit payments?


Now that I have filed my claim how do I receive benefits?

You will need to certify each week of unemployment that you wish to receive benefit payments, Weekly certifications are completed:

  • Online at Job Service North Dakota's UI ICE internet site under “My To Do List”, or;
  • By telephone using our automated voice response system at 701-328-4995.

    You will need your PIN number to complete the certification process. Your PIN will be assigned to you when you file your claim for unemployment insurance. If you have not established a PIN number, you must log into UI ICE and select the Reset PIN link from the main menu.

Complete your weekly certification for each week that you wish to receive unemployment insurance benefits.

  • The claim week runs from Sunday through Saturday midnight. You may certify each week of benefits any time after Saturday midnight, but you must certify your week within two weeks of starting your claim or within two weeks of the last week that you certified
  • You must certify each week that you wish to claim benefits

Whether you certify online or by phone, you will be required to answer questions about your previous week's work activities. Questions include:

  • The amount of your gross earnings for that week
  • Were you able and available for work
  • Did you complete your required number of work search contacts

Note: The first week you certify and are determined eligible for benefits is called your waiting week. You must certify the week to get credit for your waiting week, even though you will not receive payment for that week.

"IMPORTANT: If you knowingly collect benefits based on false or inaccurate information that you intentionally provided when you filed your claim, you are committing fraud.  Read What is Unemployment Insurance Fraud to learn the penalties."

Now that I have filed my claim how do I receive benefits?

How are benefit payments issued?

Direct Deposit

  • If you would like to receive unemployment insurance benefit payments by direct deposit, visit the Job Service North Dakota’s UI ICE Internet site and select “Payment Option” on the Main Menu or select Change Payment Option on the phone. Read Direct Deposit FAQs to learn more.

Prepaid Card

  • If you do not choose direct deposit you will be automatically enrolled in the ReliaCard Visa prepaid card program and a card will be sent to you. Read the Way 2 Go Card FAQ to learn more. Visit Way 2 Go Card account to access your account.