PUA Proof of Employment and Earnings


The Pandemic Assistance Period for the PUA program ended September 6, 2021.  JSND will continue to accept proof of employment and proof of wage documents through Wednesday October 6, 2021. Documents may be uploaded to JSND through the UIICE website or using this page.  Documents may also be faxed to 701-328-2728 or mailed to P.O. Box 5507 Bismarck, ND 58503

Submitting Proof of employment is required

  • Attachment guidelines are as follows:

    • Maximum of 5 files can be attached at one time

    • Each file must not exceed 10MB in size

    • Accepted file types include pdf, tif, tiff, jpg and jpeg     

You are required to provide documentation to substantiate employment or self-employment or to substantiate work that was to begin but could not begin due to COVID-19 related reasons.

If proof of employment cannot be provided at the time the claim is filed, you have 21 calendar days from the date the claim is filed to meet this requirement. Failure to submit the required documentation within the 21-day period will result in being determined ineligible for PUA benefits, and you will be required to repay any benefits already issued to you.

There are two ways to submit your proof of employment and wage statements:

  1. Upload your documents online by clicking the orange button below labelled “SUBMIT YOUR PUA PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT AND EARNINGS HERE”
  2. Mail copies* of your employment and wage statements to the claims center address.
    1. Clearly indicate these documents are PUA proof of employment and earnings

            Job Service North Dakota
            Attn: PUA Documents  2-170
            PO Box 5507
            Bismarck ND, 58501

*Do not mail original documents supporting your employment and earnings.  Keep the original documents for yourself and only send copies. 

Examples of acceptable documents workers may submit to show proof of employment –

  • Recent pay stubs or vouchers

  • Earnings Statements

  • Recent bank records showing payroll direct deposits

  • 2019 Federal Income Tax Statement

    • If a tax return for the 2019 tax year has not been filed, you must provide other acceptable proof of employment and earnings.

Examples of acceptable documents workers may submit to show proof they were to begin employment, but could not due to COVID-19 related reasons -

  • Job offer letter on company letterhead containing all items listed below from the employer whom you were to begin work for.

    • Name and address of the employer,

    • Employer contact name and phone number

    • Start date of the job, hours of the job, duration of the job

Examples of acceptable documents self-employed individuals may submit to show proof of employment and earnings –

  • Federal or state income tax returns for the 2019 calendar year

  • Business financial statements/records

  • Recent records connected to the business such as a phone or utility bill, current business license or rental agreement for your place of business.

  • Affidavits from individuals having knowledge of the business, or other evidence (trip tickets, crop elevator receipts/credits), to verify you are self- employed.

  • Self-employed individuals should include a copy of Schedule C, F, SE or K with your Form 1040 to determine your monetary eligibility.

Submit Your PUA Proof of Employment and Earnings Here