Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law on March 27, 2020. It expands states’ ability to provide unemployment insurance for many workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including for workers who are not ordinarily eligible for unemployment benefits.

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) is one of these programs

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program covers individuals who:

  • Have exhausted all rights to regular unemployment compensation under state or federal law

  • Have no rights to regular unemployment compensation under any other state or federal law

  • Are not receiving compensation under the unemployment compensation laws of Canada

  • Are able to work

  • Are available for work

  • Are actively seeking work – If required by state law (See "Certification and reporting requirements," below)

PEUC Extension under the American Rescue Act Plan: March 2021

Provides additional weeks or unemployment after exhaustion of their regular UI claim, as long as the BYE of the regular UI claim was 7/6/2019 and greater.

  • Previously the program had 24 times the WBA of benefits and ended March 13, 2021 and included a phase out period through April 10, 2021.
    • The extended program does not have a phase out period.
  • This program provides 53 times the WBA of benefits and extends the program through September 6, 2021 (or WED September 4, 2021).

Claimants who are on one of the pandemic programs and in certification status should be able to certify for last week. However, the certify link routinely listed on next Sunday’s calendar date (March 21, 2021) may not be there. This link will re-appear once our system is updated to extend the programs and add on the additional weeks.

PEUC extension under the Continued Assistance Act (CAA): Effective 12/27/20 -- 3/13/21

This amendment increased the maximum benefit amount you’re eligible to receive on your PEUC claim from 13 times the weekly benefit amount to 24 times the weekly benefit amount. The additional PEUC benefits are only eligible for weeks of unemployment starting December 27th, 2020 through week ending March 13th, 2021.

The recent changes to the PEUC program include a phase out period that ends on April 10th, 2021. To be eligible for benefits during the phase out period you must have been eligible and paid at least $1 in PEUC benefits for the week ending March 13th, 2021. If you meet this requirement for the week ending March 13th, 2021, and have PEUC benefits remaining, you may continue certifying weeks of unemployment through the end of the phase out period.

Extension Guidelines


Filing Requirements

Submitting your PEUC claim application does not mean your PEUC claim has been filed.  JSND needs to review and manually file your claim.  This process does take time.  If additional information is needed, you will receive a letter or phone call requesting the missing or incomplete information. 

The best way for you to monitor your PEUC claim progress is to review your correspondence page on your UIICE account.

Once your claim has been filed, you will receive a PEUC Monetary Determination that contains your weekly benefit amount

We strongly encourage you to sign up for electronic reminders and alerts to ensure you do not miss any requests for information, notifications, and tasks to complete in order to receive benefit payments.  You can sign up for electronic reminders / alerts by logging into your UIICE account.

General eligibility requirements

To be eligible for PEUC you must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must first apply for and receive regular unemployment compensation benefits.

  • You must exhaust your regular unemployment compensation benefits.

  • You are able and available for work, within the meaning of applicable state law.

Certification and reporting requirements

Complete weekly certifications to receive benefits

  • Once your claim has been filed, you will receive a PEUC Monetary Determination that contains your weekly benefit amount

  • The action of filing your PPEUC claim by itself does not start payments.  You must file a weekly certification for each week you want to receive payment from the PEUC program.

  • Weeks for unemployment purposes begin on Sunday and end on the following Saturday.   The earliest you can file for a week of unemployment is on Sunday for the prior week that ended on Saturday.

  • You have a maximum 13 days after the Saturday of the week you wish to receive benefits to complete your certification. Failure to certify within the 13-day period may result in your being ineligible for benefits for the week. Please refer to the Unemployment Insurance Claimant Guide for additional instructions regarding certifying a week for benefit payment.

    • There are two ways to file your weekly certification for PEUC benefits

      1. Click the UIICE logo on

      2. Voice response telephone by calling (701) 328-4995

You must report gross wages earned for any employment. If you worked for someone and were paid, or if you are entitled to payment for the work, you must report the wages in the week earned.

You may continue to complete weekly certifications until you are no longer unemployed. If you receive PEUC benefits and later it is determined that you were ineligible for these benefits, you will be required to repay any PEUC benefits to which you were not entitled.

Make Job Contacts  

  • If you are not employer or union attached, you are required to complete 3 job contacts each week, starting the week you file your claim. 

Register for Work

  • Within 10 days of filing your claim, you must register for work in the state you reside or are looking for work in.  Registering in North Dakota requires that you post an active resume on North Dakota’s Workforce Connection site and make it available to employers. 

For more information about these requirements and other unemployment insurance procedures, visit the Resources for Individuals page and the Claimant Guide.  

Federal withholding

PEUC benefits are subject to federal withholding. You may elect to have federal withholding deducted from your pandemic emergency unemployment compensation. You will receive a Form 1099-G to file with your income tax return.

1099-G info

Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility to give accurate answers to any questions asked in regard to your initial claim and weekly certifications for PEUC benefits. Failure to furnish requested documents or information might result in benefits being delayed or denied.

All information is subject to verification. PEUC benefits are provided through federal funds. Criminal and/or civil penalties for violation of federal and/or state laws will be enforced for willfully making false statement or concealing information to obtain or increase your Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) benefits.