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Starting June 1, 2017, Job Service will begin to deposit unemployment insurance benefit payments to the Comerica-issued Way2Go Card™ prepaid debit Mastercard®. The Way2Go Card prepaid debit Mastercard will replace the ReliaCard® Visa® prepaid debit card.

Unemployment insurance claimants who are enrolled in the ReliaCard Visa prepaid debit card program will begin to receive the Way2Go Card in the mail this month.

Any benefit payments received on or after June 1 will be deposited to the Way2Go Card. Claimants may use the ReliaCard and the Way2Go Card at the same time. Claimants may continue to use remaining funds on the ReliaCard; however, funds that are currently on the ReliaCard cannot be transferred onto the Way2Go Card.

Once activated, claimants may use their Way2Go Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted which may include, grocery stores, gas stations, retailers, online, and to pay bills.

The Way2Go Card offers unlimited cash withdrawals at MoneyPass® ATMs. Card users are also allowed two free cash withdrawals per month at out-of-network ATMs. In-network ATMs will display a MoneyPass logo on the ATM. MoneyPass network ATM locations can be found at www.moneypass.com. Card holders who withdraw cash from out-of-network ATMs will be charged a service fee of $1.25 from Comerica Bank. In addition to the service fee, an out-of-network ATM may charge a surcharge fee.

Please refer to the Way2Go Card prepaid debit Mastercard Terms of Use for a complete listing of all cardholder fees.

Card holders can easily monitor their Way2Go Card account transactions and balances on the Go Program Way2Go Card app that is available on both the Google Play and iTunes. More information about the app can be found at www.goprogram.com

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