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Required electronic reporting of unemployment insurance (UI) quarterly reports by all employers begins with the first quarter of 2018, which are due by April 30, 2018. Electronic reporting became mandatory for all employers when House Bill 1296 was passed during the 2017 legislative session.

Job Service North Dakota recommends that all employers become familiar with electronic quarterly reporting prior to the mandatory date by setting up their account and filing their next quarterly report online.

“Electronic reporting has proven to be an efficient and convenient way for businesses to complete their quarterly reports,” said Darren Brostrom, director of UI for Job Service North Dakota. “Job Service has been encouraged by positive feedback from those businesses already utilizing electronic reporting, with most organizations noting that they saved time and that there were fewer data entry errors.”

Employers have two options to file quarterly reports electronically: the Unemployment Insurance Employer Account System (UI EASY) or Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The UI EASY application is a multifaceted system that allows employers to file quarterly reports, manage accounts, make payments, view documents, respond to claim requests, and access appeal determinations all within one system. Secure FTP is an application designed to only file quarterly reports. Both options can be found on Job Service’s website.

“There are many benefits to electronic reporting,” said Brostrom. “Our hope is that as organizations utilize this component of our online services that they also begin to utilize the extensive self-service functionality that we have built into our website. We are continually working to improve upon our systems as we transform our service delivery methods to improve our customer service, save public funds, and provide innovative tools to assist our business community.”

Employers who need assistance with electronic reporting are encouraged to contact their local UI field representative or the UI tax department. Contact information and online resources such as “How to” informative videos, forms and handbooks can all be found under Unemployment for Business at www.jobsnd.com.

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