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North Dakota New Jobs Training Program

This program offers incentives to primary sector businesses that are creating new employment opportunities through business expansion and relocation to the state by providing no-cost funding to help offset the cost of training new employees.

To qualify, your business must be in a primary sector industry and either be locating to the state or expanding employment in the state. The new jobs created must pay a minimum of $10 per hour plus benefits within the first 12 months of employment. Under the North Dakota New Jobs Training Program, your business obtains funds in the form of a loan, a repayable grant, or under a self-financing option.

The loan can be obtained from a commercial lender, local development corporation, Bank of North Dakota, or other qualified lender. The state, a city, or a local development corporation could issue repayable grants. The loan or grant, plus interest, is repaid through state income tax withholding generated from the new job positions created.

State income tax withholding from new positions created can be captured for up to ten years or until the loan or self-financing option is repaid, whichever comes first. A North Dakota New Jobs Training Preliminary Agreement establishes the effective date for a project and must be signed and in place prior to the start date of any employees.

Find more information about New Jobs Training Program.

Job Training for New and Expanding Businesses
New Jobs Training Worksheet
New Jobs Training Application
ND NJT Agreement Quarterly Reimbursement Form

Please submit application and/or worksheet to Job Service North Dakota at or call Karyn with questions (701-328-3358).

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