Find a Job Using Mobile App



North Dakota job seekers can now access almost any job posted to the web directly on their mobile device through a new app launched by Job Service North Dakota (JSND).
The Job Service North Dakota app allows job seekers to search for openings by keyword and location. Users are able to then see their search results in either list format or as pins on a map. Search results on the app are derived from nearly 16,000 websites and are compiled based on the user's search preference. Through the search, users are able to focus on specific industries of interest.

The app has access to websites including: national and local job boards, national recruiters and all major employers, military branches, major hospitals, volunteer sites, and much more.

“Right now there is a vast array of jobs available across the state,” said the Executive Director of Job Service, Cheri Giesen. “We hope that by implementing this app, job seekers will get a better sense of all their possibilities in North Dakota.”

The app also features a unique “Jobs Nearby” function which allows users to map all the latest jobs near their current location. The function enables users to search jobs near a specific neighborhood, school and any other preferred location.

Once a preferred position is found, users can simply click on the job and apply directly through the app. The app works in conjunction with the website, so the user’s information can be transferred from mobile-to-web or vice versa.

The app also allows users to instantly return to previous searches, recently viewed jobs and favorite jobs. Users also have the ability to save and share their favorite jobs through email, Facebook or Twitter.

Job Service North Dakota mobile is part of JSND's objective to provide better customer service and outreach through technology advances.
 “This app is a convenient, fun way to search for jobs. I encourage anyone looking for a job to try this app out. North Dakota is a state full of opportunity and individuals may be surprised on what they can find through Job Service,” said Giesen.

The app is available on either Apple or Android devices and can be downloaded through the app store.

Job Service North Dakota mobile is one of many resources that JSND has to offer. To find out more visit your local office or go to Make sure to also follow JSND on social media to keep up with current workforce news, topics, and advice.