Elementary Education

Field of Study: 
Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences
Credential Type: 
Bachelor Degree (Industry Test Required)
Length of Program: 
4 years
Classroom Cost: 

The Elementary Education Bachelor of Science degree program has been approved by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board and is designed as a teacher licensure program. This means students who are accepted into and complete this program of study, as well as meet the other criteria, are eligible to apply for an Educator?s Professional License through the State of North Dakota. The conceptual framework of the UTTC Teacher Education program is based on the philosophy that a competent, caring teacher is prepared to teach all children. We believe that teaching from what was traditionally a Native perspective is the best way for all children to learn. A Native perspective begins with recognizing the child in the context of family, community, and culture. Learning is a natural part of human growth, development, and socialization in all cultures. In many cultures, particularly Native American, the learning experiences that constitute education are based in cultural values of relevance, relatedness, respect, and responsibility - referred to in this framework as the ?4 Rs?