Associate of Arts - Social Work

Field of Study: 
Public Administration and Social Service Professions
Credential Type: 
Associate Degree
Length of Program: 
2 years
Classroom Cost: 

The Associate of Arts in Social Work at Cankdeska Cikana Community College is designed to prepare a student that is intending on obtaining a baccalaureate degree in Social Work. This two year program will provide students with the essential study prerequisites that are necessary in biology, mathematics, English, and social sciences as well as social work courses that are mandatory prerequisites in order to qualify for the baccalaureate degree in most social work programs throughout North Dakota.
Program Outcomes:
? Students will apply generalist social work practice in planning interventions.
? Students will demonstrate knowledge of the social work systems perspective.
? Students will demonstrate ethical responsibility in the social work profession by Professional Social Work Code of Ethics.
? Students will apply Social Work practice theories.
? Students will demonstrate the ability to complete an assessment.